Good to great coffees with prices to match!

We hope one day we can tell a story about Artillery Coffee that possibly looks like a near-complete painting. I’m not sure there ever was a blank canvas but our story certainly has included the odd paint spill, quite a lot of “what on earth is that?”, some wrong color combinations, and ……. well, let’s just say that if you ever have time to read our story it will mean that it grew into something that was worth writing about.

For now, there’s too much going on in our lives for writing so let’s leave it at this: we love people and we want to ethically build a business that adds value to everyone involved, and sees and brings out the best in them. We want our little business to make a difference to people, not just our clients but people who are involved in the business or providing products/services to it. And we’ve grabbed hold of an opportunity presented to us to do that with coffee.

We want to distribute good to great coffee at prices which also leave people satisfied, and we want to do this with a personal touch. And then we want you to keep coming back to buy more, again and again. So let’s start this journey together …….

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