650g Pure Hydrolysed Collagen



Collagen benefits: healthy hair and nails; healthy joints; cartilage; clear and smooth skin; arthritis; strengthens arteries; increases muscle mass; promotes weight loss through fat-burning; helps the body form its own new collagen; gut health and restoring digestive balance; good sleep if taken before bed; helps prevent and treat osteoporosis; hypertension; improves bladder weakness; improves chronic fatigue and energy levels; helps with autoimmune diseases

The Longer Story: Collagen is the most abundant source of protein in the human body and holds everything together (skin, ligaments, joints, bones) but with age collagen levels substantially decline and negatively impact on organ health, bone density, and joint movement.

Hydrolysed Collagen is pure, 100% protein, without the risk of reaction to dairy, or the high lectins and phytates in some protein forms. In other words, this should be a first choice product for the 6g protein and no carbs you’ll get per serving.

Sally-Ann Creed Collagen absorbs easily and shows results quickly and is 100% guaranteed to have absolutely nothing mixed with it (e.g. artificial sweeteners, fillers, and preservatives) which would interfere with the benefits collagen offers, i.e. rebuilding the body.