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Why health products in a Coffee Shop?

As a result of a relationship with the Creeds going back nearly 30 years, we’d agreed on an agency for Sally-Ann Creed products for the Indian Ocean Islands. At the same time, we started taking Magnesium Citrate as recommended by Sally for bad nights of sleep and tossing and turning. Literally within 2 nights, I felt a dramatic change and I am so grateful to God for this product. For the first time in many years, I sleep well virtually every night!

So I thought to myself  “People are going to be paying a courier fee for coffee on one site and a courier fee somewhere else for health supplements ..… and Sally’s products have an excellent reputation gained over the last 20+ years for good reason. Why not give our clients the option to get both at the same time, during the same shop, with the same courier?” And that’s why you have the option to buy these excellent products now.

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